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Customer Successes
As the days are nearing to finally be living in our new dream home, I must take the time to tell you what it all means to us. This home represents a fresh new beginning together. Although we have been living in a nice house I don't think we ever had an emotional connection to it.

You are just so welcoming, like your homes. You and your wife have this way about you that allows people to want to share. Mike and I could not be more grateful for that. Both of us went through some tough times before fate stepped in and brought us together.

It all seems to be coming together now. When we walked into 814 Shadow Creek Trail, we instantly knew it was the one, quite like the first time he and I met one another. What a great feeling to have that comfort of knowing how right everything is in our lives. You made that possible for us. You put so much love into building your homes, and it shows. I've never felt so excited about living anywhere the way I do there. The best part is knowing how healthy it is for my respiratory issues, along with how beautiful. I can't thank you enough, Bob, for all you have done to help make this process less stressful and very enjoyable. I feel so honored to tell people I'm living in a RJ Perritt home. You can count on us always taking the best care of this most special home, "Our Home". Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :)


Bob I must say choosing you as a builder has got to be one of the BEST decisions I have made. Went to the house today and must I say WOW. We met, Tim, the trim guy. The cabinets are BEAUTIFUL. Everything is coming along so well. All your men and distributors are just wonderful people to work with. Being in business myself it seems like the only recognition we get is when the client is dissatisfied. GREAT JOB to you and your crew.

The appliances are there and the oven and dishwasher are to be delivered. I am meeting with the closet guys soon. Stay warm and once again... thanks for the great job you and your staff are doing.
Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year! So glad to have met such amazing people like you!! Thanks for making my 2013 great and may you always know I'm grateful for what you've done for me and will cherish it for the rest of my life.


Thank you so much for building our beautiful home. We really love it more than we could have imagined!

Sherri, thank you for all of your help with the selection process.

You guys are both great to work with and we will definitely recommend you to others. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Matt & Ashley

Waking up in the morning we're very happy. This is a home that will fit our needs for years to come. We have room to grow. We can finish the bonus room above the garage to make a fourth bedroom. We have a large, finish-able basement. The floorplan allows us to increase our square footage to accommodate a growing family. This is the home we envisioned, although we still have a lot of visions before it is complete... a yard, landscaping, finished basement, etc.

We particularly enjoyed the selection process because they were OUR choices and visions. There was so much to choose from and options that fit our budget. Bob was very helpful with answering all our questions quickly. He broke down prices of everything se we could stay within our budget. Bob's binder is very useful and informative.
Because we loved the unique characteristics in all of the model homes we decided to build with R. J. Perritt. We fell in love with the Ashcroft II. We were impressed with the standard options and green building initiative. The model hoes showed a variety of possibilities and were not just "the basic" house. Lastly, we liked how personable Bob was and the passion he has in building your dream home. We trusted Bob and his crew completely. We knew we were going to have a solid house to grow old in. We invested so much into this home and we felt at peace knowing it was going to be worth it.

What makes R. J. Perritt stand out from the other builders we talked to is that the Model Homes show all the possibilities within a reasonable budget. He builds to "today's" standards and is trustworthy. The Green Practices and unique characteristics and designs really separate Bob from the rest.

If we ever have to build another home we would build with Bob. He was organized and answered all our questions along the way.


It was especially fun working with the builder in selecting the location for the home on the lot and choosing the style and materials for the house. Bob was very easy to work with as he guided us through every step of the process. He was very good at relating (suggesting) what we should do and why.

In this market there were many builders to choose from. In interviewing Bob it was apparent that he had our best interests at heart. He would listen to our ideas and concerns and then give us suggestions to the situation. Bob always made sure that what we did what we did because we wanted to and not because it was better or easier for his plans. What really stands out about the process is that Bob was there every step of the way. When we had a question he would come out to the home and explain to us what was going on and why. We were always allowed to be a part of the planning and building process. We could go out to the home site whenever we wanted.

We would absolutely build again with R. J. Perritt! Why, because we were so happy with the whole process we wouldn't want to change a thing. Remember, "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

The best feature of our new home is the master bedroom and master bath, however the entire home is exactly how we imagined it when it was still only in the planning stages.


We are so happy to be in our new home we find we spend more time at home. The entire selection process was enjoyable. We did enjoy picking out the tile and countertops. It was nice to be able to look when no one else was in the store. Bob kept to the schedule and nothing was hidden, cost-wise. We built with R. J. Perritt Homes because of their reputation, location and Green Building practices. Bob stands by his work—long after the check has cleared. We would build with R. J. Perritt Homes again because we got a very solid quality built home and it was a painless process. We really love everything about our new home, especially the kitchen with the fireplace and the big windows in the great room. We are definitely living in the home we envisioned from the beginning.

Drew & Karen

The most fun part of the selection process was watching the home develop through the construction process. Bob made us feel comfortable from the first meeting to the final sign off. He always seemed to do just a little bit more than expected—everything was completed on time and right. I'm living in the home I envisioned, and more. I would recommend no other builder.


The most fun was designing the home. Bob is great about answering anything you don't understand—he's very personable and friendly. I am absolutely living in the home I envisioned from the beginning. Any problems that came up were taken care of right away. I would build again with R. J. Perritt Homes because they're a top notch, respected builder.


Every morning when we wake up we are glad to be in our new home.

We decided to build with R. J. Perritt Homes because of name recognition and after we talked to many people that lived in a R. J. Perritt built home. It's always a good sign when Realtors use his name to sell a house—looking in the Sunday Home Section the first line in some of the descriptions is "R. J. Perritt Built Home".

During the building process, Bob, always returned our call, answered every question that we had, and, if we had a problem, Bob usually already had someone working on the solution or he called us to tell of an issue before we saw it. He was very proactive and we didn't have to worry about anything during construction.

What really stands out is that we have been in our house for over 6 months and Bob still checks in from time to time.

Jennifer & David

Working with Bob was a pleasure. Spending attention to detail and willing to work with people stands out. Bob helped us see our vision. We are definitely glad to be in a new home.

Kim & Jeff

Bob was here every step of the way. He answered all of our questions. He broke the process down into manageable steps so we were never overwhelmed.

Usually when you make a purchase from a builder, a crew comes and builds the house and the builder has employees that handle questions/concerns. Bob was on site many times. He inspects everything. He's all about building a quality home.

Bob builds a quality home and he stands behind his product. His reputation speaks for itself.

Anna & Mike

I walk around here sometimes an I just look at it. And I just marvel at what we did and I'm very pleased. I like the layout. I like the quality of it. It's home. He made me home.

He tried really hard to figure out what I wanted, what would make me happy. I felt like my happiness was first and foremost with him. rather than his bottom line.

We talked almost everyday and like I said, it was a collaboration between the two of us. It wasn't a stock house that he was just putting up for me.

I had been collecting pictures for a long time and I brought all those collections of pictures in and we sat down and I told him little bits and pieces of what I wanted and how I wanted it to feel when it was done.

I had a room in my old home that I wanted to recreate, because I didn't want to leave it. So he came out to my old house. He checked it out just so he could rebuild it here for me.


“We had a great time building our home. Everyday, we couldn’t wait to see the progress.”

“The (selection) process was handled so professionally, we knew what to do, when to do it, and how long everything would take.” 

“Reputation…Quality of home…being available.”

“(We chose our builder based on) reputation of R.J. Perritt Homes, style of project, as well as location”

“He (Bob Perritt) was our friend.”

“We felt comfortable throughout the whole process. He was accessible, answered all our questions and always kept his word.”

“Everything about our home is pleasing to us.”

“My first thought in the morning is to look out the window to see the beauty that surrounds our home. All the windows overlook the woods and creek. Our home is so very comfortable for us.” Everything is handy, good-looking and easy to care for. It works for us. Bob helped to make it that way.”

Barb & Joe

Thank You to Bob Perritt

Bob, Bob that Perritt man. Makes you say yes like no one else can.

Bob, happy Bob, with his fetching grins. Always make it seem like you get all the “wins”.

Bob, handsome Bob, has smiling blue eyes. He doesn’t get mad but just gently sighs.

Bob, of course Bob, lets you have your way. It’s only a little money and another half day!

Bob. boss Bob, has good work crews. They do a great job and that’s terrific news!

Bob, planner Bob, gives you lots of names. Of people to help with choices even though we are a pain.

Bob, ethical Bob, is a man of his word. That is why we chose him because of all the good we heard.

Bob, we do affirm that all of it is true. Moral, Competent and Talented. All can be said of you.

With heartfelt thanks for our lovely new home, it’s quality and your friendship we now end our Thank You poem.

Carolyn & Doug